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Whether you’re a recording artist, music company, or an outside business looking to tap into the energy of our industry, knowing what to do and who to speak to can feel intimidating, often overwhelming. We all have visions of where we want to end up, but the path to getting there can often seem unclear. Getting from one note to the next isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you need a helping hand, one that comes with years of experience working in the international music industry.

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At CHROMATIC TALENTS, a creative consultancy & strategic partner for music brands based in the GSA region, we combine our own notes of experience, youth and innovation to deliver a world class service to a broad spectrum of interested parties.


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We are CHROMATIC TALENTS. Our goal is to create and operate music brands from the ground up, empowering them with unique strategies, the latest technology, and a dedicated team. We can guide you side-by-side as partners, within your support team, or as a full service addition. We allow you to expand your brand, focusing on your strengths and letting us handle the rest – while you maintain complete control. We create out-of-the-box strategies and question everything about the status quo.

We are a team of artists, innovators, and business professionals. Our creative thinking is matched with decades of experience, so that it’s backed by data and proven insights. Consider us a part of your team. We love disruptive and inventive ideas, creative problem solving, and collaboration, working together to address problems as soon as they arise. Together we can break new ground in the music industry.


Our collective experience allows us to offer several different services to clients. If you’re an artist looking to release your work, we can tailor make an international campaign that looks after all aspects of a release. If you’re a label looking for support on the backend of your schedule, our team can step in and give you a direct hand, or consult and guide you in how to do it yourself. If you’re a songwriter who needs advice, management or help with legal documents, we know how to help. If you’re a brand that wants to use music for promotional purposes, or you have an idea but need help reaching the right artists, we’re here for you. If you want to do a deep dive into the GSA territory, you won’t get a better partner.


If you’re a creative consultancy in another territory looking to expand your international reach, we’d love to talk!


We are always keeping our eyes out for talents to join our collective. Feel invited to send your demos. We appreciate that!